Glass history

Glass as a building material has some physical chemical and mechanical characteristics which should be considered.

  • Transparency
  • Glare
  • Maintain mechanical and optical characteristics at higher temperatures
  • Fort
  • Static data over time
  • There are resources
  • Simple Formats
  • Excellent surface (glossy)


  • Various accessories for each use glass.
  • Windows
  • Statement
  • Glass windows (fixed, opening, folding)
  • Separation environments
  • Shower cabins
  • Tents and shelters
  • Normal Gate
  • Gate with picture element

History of glass

Glass as a material has existed in the nature of a mixed compound between stones at extremely high temperatures, especially after the volcanic outbreaks. The name is Obsidian (Obsidian), opaque glazed opaque, which is used hundreds of years before for the production of jewelry, bulbs, tools, even for the production of weapons.

The archaeological research in Egypt show that the production of glass began about 7000 years before, but maybe I first glass produced by the state of  Babylonian .In old Roman history, sod was the person who became a witness of producing a humanity which came as a result of an accident.

Glass decor (different designs)

Special windows

  • Heat resistant glass chimney.
  • Glass not slide slip resistant, suitable for stairs, floor, podium, pools
  • Vetlares windows for external use, glass windows, windows for cabins Shower

Glass processing processes

  • Cutting
  • Zmusim
  • Bizhuta
  • Bombardment complete and different sketches
  • Track (channel on glass)
  • Drilling (opening holes and brackets NME different dimensions)
  • Temperim
  • Lamination (bahkim I 2 or more windows to the membrane)
  • Curve
  • Glass engraving