U-value of 1.0 W/m.K finally reached!

SGG PLANITHERM is a range of high performance low-emissivity products, incorporating the very latest advancements in thermally insulating glass coating technology.

Renowned for its extremely neutral appearance, SGG PLANITHERM very effectively reflects long-wave heat radiation back into a room, thereby minimising heat loss through a window while also maximising solar heat gain and natural light transmission.

SGG PLANITHERM ONE is a product of the SGG PLANITHERM glass range.

It is a high performance low-E coated glass, to be processed into an insulating glass unit. It is made of clear float glass on which a thin transparent coating has been deposited by magnetron sputtering under vacuum. The coating exhibits the lowest emissivity (0.01) industrially accessible; it reflects the far infrared radiation thus limiting the heat transfer by radiation.

SGG PLANITHERM ONE, low-E coated glass, can be used in all insulating glass units, for new construction or refurbishment works:

  • Windows in domestic buildings
  • Conservatories
  • Windows and façades in non residential buildings

It can be incorporated in all types of frames.