SGG PLANITHERM is our Saint-Gobain Glass range of high performance low-emissivity products, incorporating the very latest advancements in thermally insulation glass coating technology.

Renowned for its extremely neutral appearance, SGG PLANITHERM very effectively reflects long-wave heat radiation back into a room, thereby minimizing heat loss through a window while also maximizing solar heat gain and natural light transmission.

A combination of microscopically thin multiple metal oxide layers are applied to high quality SGGPLANILUX clear float glass using a magnetically enhanced cathodic sputtering process under vacuum conditions.

Depending on the composition of these transparent coating layers, several different products can be produced, distinguishable but the thermal performance, spectrophotometric values and processing characteristics.

SGG PLANITHERM is designed for use in all double glazing applications, in all frame types for both new-build and replacement markets:

  • Windows and skylights in residential buildings and private domestic housing
  • Conservatories and patio doors
  • Windows and façades of non-residential buildings
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