About us

AllGllas Company is a limited liability company founded in early 2001.

The company has three partners with equal parts, namely: Llambi Roci; Besim Roci; Sokol Tusha. Administrator of the company is Mr. Llambi Roci and governing bodies are partners and its administrator. The company headquarters is now in Tirana Ahmetaq village, which are the new offices has made recently.

The comapny started after the return of Mr. Llambi Roci who had worked as an immigrant in Greece in the same job profile. After his return, he founded AllGllas company ltd. The basic object of the company was processing and marketing of glass. Tha activity was based on the initiative and experience of 10 years from 1990 to 2000 that Mr. Roci managed, through hard work and numerous qualifications committed by him and various trainings.

Based on the above experience and his creative spirit he put together with his two partners to invest in the processing and trading of glass products to meet the needs and the continuously growing Albanian market for these products. For this purpose he invested all his savings in the establishment of this company, bringing the latest technology for processing glass materials.

AllGllas Ltd with 13 years experience operating in the Albanian market in the field of processing and trading of glass products.

The initial activity of the company is exercised in an environment 600 square meters, later, after the expansion of the company was added to the need for a larger environment with construction area of ​​800 square meters and warehouses in Ahmetaq 3000 m2.

These companies are located in the premises of the former shipyard, Bridge Street, in which the firm is today. The main object of the company is the production and marketing of various items of glass manufactured, processed aluminum, combined their items as well as import and export of these products.

AllGllas Ltd is the only Albanian firm which has invested in the most modern line Albania’s European manufacturing glass curtain walls and Semi.

Cooperation with prestigious firms such as AGC and Saint-Gobain Glass has given credence as AllGllas company in the Albanian market as well as beyond albanian borders. If you are looking to have a modern architecture and a reduced bill of electricity All Gllas products are the best for you . For a life full of light and healthy.